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If your hair is unruly, frizzy or overly curly and you would like to reduce your blow dry time by half, have low maintenance, hassle free hair that is shiny and manageable, our Keratin Taming System is just the thing for you!

Have a great hair day everyday! Our Keratin Taming System is a revolutionary process that softens, shines and makes the hair healthier.  It tames your hair making it smooth, silky and more manageable.

Keratin - Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of Keratin Taming System?

  • Reduces your Blow Dry time by up to 50% or more

  • Eliminates frizz, reduces dry and damaged ends

  • Makes your hair healthier

  • Fights humidity, keeps your hair from “growing” puffy

  • Makes hair shiny and smooth

  • Helps your color last longer

  • Lasts up to 2-3 months (depending on your hair texture)


When can I get an appointment?

Please check our availability and book your appointment on line by clicking below: Book Now


Is your Keratin Taming System a Full Keratin Treatment or and "express" Keratin?

Our Keratin Taming System is a Full Keratin Treatments, we do not do "express" Keratin Treatments.


How long does the Keratin Taming System last?

Our Keratin Taming System can last up to 2 - 3 months.  Factors that affect the longevity of the Keratin in your hair are your hair type, texture, how often you shampoo, whether you workout or swim, how much you are in the sun, what type of water, shampoo and other hair products you use. 

Ask you stylist for more details on how to optimize the longevity of your Keratin Taming System


What brand of Keratin Taming System do you use?

We use KERATHERAPY Keratin Taming System 

Will the Keratin Taming System straighten my hair?

Our Keratin Taming System is not a hair straightener.  It does not reform the hair like Chemical Relaxers or Japanese Straigteners, it coats and bonds to the hair with pure Keratin Protein which not only fixes damage but also reduces frizz dramatically and reduces your blow dry time by half.  By sealing the hair cuticle the Keratin Taming System will reduce the wave/curl of your hair but it will not straighten your hair.  The Keratin Taming System is not a permanent change to the hair, over time its effects fade away and you natural hair texture will return.


How long does the treatment take in the salon?

Depending on the thickness and length of your hair, your Keratin Taming System will require approximately 1.5 to 2 hours to complete.


What is your price for the Keratin Taming System?

Our price is $500 and up (depending on your hair thickness and length) for our Keratin Taming System.


When can I get color/highlights?

We recommend that you either get you color/highlights the same day as your Keratin Taming System or wait two weeks after your Keratin Taming System before getting color/highlights.  This makes both you Keratin and color/highlights last longer.


Is Keratin Healthy for my hair?

It is a keratin based hair treatment that smooth the hair. It can also help recondition the hair and restores shine. The treatment does not alter the hair structure or damage the hair like  Chemical Relaxer or Japanese Straightener.


What does Keratin do to the hair?

Our Keratin Taming System bonds to the hair with pure protein Keratin, filling in damage and cracks that come from stresses to the hair like coloring, highlighting, bleaching, blow drying, flat ironing, wind, sun, etc.  This make your hair more healthy, shiny, less frizzy, reduces your split ends and cuts your blow dry time by half.


Why do I have to wait to wash my hair?

We recommend waiting so to allow the keratin to be sealed into the hair cuticle. If the hair is washed immediately after the treatment, the keratin will wash out. We recommend to wait 48 hours.


What shampoo and conditioner should be used after the Keratin Hair Taming System?

It must be a Sulfate free and Sodium Chloride free shampoo and conditioner. Sulfate and Sodium Chloride washes out the keratin faster. 

It will add keratin back into the hair to make it last longer.


Can styling products be used during the first 2 days? 

No. Styling products can only be used after the first wash.


If I want to get my hair done again, do I have to redo the whole head or can I just have a touch up?

There are no touch ups with the Keratin Hair Taming System. You will get the treatment done again from the roots to ends. Remember it repairs your hair more every time.


Can I get the treatment done while pregnant or nursing?



Can I go swimming in a pool or sea?

Yes but sea water and chlorine reduce the life span of the treatment. Sea water, which is salt water (and salt is Sodium Chloride), and chlorine can strip the keratin out of the hair quicker than normal water. When swimming in a pool or ocean, it is recommended that you use a silicone based product so that chlorine or salt water beads off your hair. Alternatively use conditioner or sunscreen.


What’s the difference between relaxers/Japanese straightening and the Keratin Hair Taming System?

The Keratin Hair Taming System is a keratin based hair treatment that smooth the hair. It can also help recondition the hair and restores shine. The treatment does not alter the hair structure. Relaxers and Japanese straighteners work on breaking and rearranging the internal bonds of the hair. Once these processes have been done the hair is permanently altered. The new growth of the Japanese straightening will always be curly, but the previously straightened hair will never revert back to its original state.


Can I get the treatment done on a monthly basis?

Yes you may have it as often as you would like

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